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Recordings take place in one of our studio rooms (live room/control room), where multiple instruments can be recorded simultaneously.
The studio offers special acoustics to ensure the best sound quality. It is equipped with different acoustic treatments, such as bass traps, resonators, diffusers, etc.
The placement on a private property, far from the city, as well as the fact that the building is 70% underground, ensures an excellent insulation from external noise.
We have a wide variety of microphones at your disposal, which includes condenser and dynamic microphones, for any type of instrument or situation. We also provide a set of top-class acoustic drums, together with cymbals, and guitar and bass amplifiers.  We strive for perfection from every detail, meaning even the cables and their connectors are the top of their line: Neutrik, Amphenol, Cordial, etc.
The recording takes place through a 32-channel mixer: Personus Studiolive 32.
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