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Raul Tamas

raul tamas prime studio

(studio manager, audio engineer, producer, musician)

  • Vast experience in recording, mixing, mastering and production from Redbull Studios Amsterdam
  • Live sound work experience in Netherlands: DeVorstin, Puddin Pop Festivals, Podium Victorie, Detram, De Ijsbreker, etc.
  • Sound engineering graduate from SAE Institute Amsterdam (2012)
  • Musical producer diploma obtained at Middlesex University of London
  • For complete CV, Click here

Liviu Tamas

liviu tamas prime studio

(audio technician, equipment maintenance, rehearsal technician)

  • Over 25 years of experience in electrical engineering / electronics

Vizi Imre

vizi imre prime studio

(composer, musician, producer, actor)

  • Vast experience in music as a singer, musician
  • Graduate Institute of Arts Tg.Mures
  • 2nd place at The Voice of Romania contest, 2012 edition
  • Leader and member of musical bands : Uischi Cov─âr Bend, Titan, The Travelling Band
  • Perfectly combines music and acting

Ioan Sabau

ioan sabau prime studio

(composer, producer, musician, arranger)

Sebastian Tatar

sebastian tatar prime studio

(composer, producer, musician, arranger)

  • Wide experience from working with a variety of music genres and artists
  • Graduate of Art University of Targu-Mures